Becca M

Trapped in a cycle of struggle and trauma

A Florida native, has resided in Eastern Lebanon County for the past 11 years. After spending over a decade trapped in an endless cycle of trauma and struggles with Substance Use Disorder, she found herself an inmate at Lebanon County Correctional Facility. This became the catalyst that allowed her to embark on the beautiful journey that is Recovery.

Continuous engagement in Recovery

Becca, with over 7 years of continuous engagement in her Recovery process, has become an outspoken advocate and peer. She has learned in her journey, to turn liabilities into assets, to be a positive contributing member to her community, and to live life to the fullest one day at a time. Becca finds it an absolute privilege to be an active member of the Communities in which she lives and works and spends her days trying to carry the simple but profound message, WE RECOVER.